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Five Medicinal Mushrooms: Health Benefits
Mushrooms have been used medicinally for thousands of years, mainly due to the beneficial effects they confer on the immune system, nervous...
Posted Apr 2, 2018|Naturopathic Currents
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Chaga Maca Tea
Ingredients ¾ cup chaga tea ½ cup chocolate-flavoured almond milk 1 tsp. New Roots Herbal’s Fermented Maca ½ tsp....
Posted Jan 13, 2020|Recipes
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Turmeric Orange Chaga Chia Pudding
What a superstar lineup: Incredible chaga mushroom; coconut milk’s medium-chain and chia’s omega-3 fatty acids; anti-inflammatory...
Posted Jan 13, 2020|Recipes
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The Many Ways of Using Mushrooms
Since time immemorial, humans have consumed mushrooms. The Romans claimed them to be “food for the gods,” and of course, Chinese...
Posted Jan 5, 2022|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Fabulous Fungi: The Immune Effects of Medicinal Mushrooms
With cold-and-flu season in full swing, it’s essential to have an array of tools to support your immune system. Edible medicinal mushrooms...
Posted Jan 5, 2022|Health
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Medicinal Mushrooms: Super Fungi to the Rescue!
One of Mother Nature’s finest creations emerges from the base of tree trunks and is buried in deep, dark soil. Mushrooms have been foraged...
Posted Apr 11, 2022|Health
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Optimizing the Benefits from Medicinal Mushrooms
Medicinal mushrooms have been part of traditional Chinese practices for thousands of years and have recently become more mainstream in Western...
Posted Aug 11, 2022|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Change-of-Season Tea and Super Soup
Change-of-Season Tea Recipe Ingredients ¼ cup dried astragalus root (≈ 4 sticks) ¼ cup dried dioscorea (wild...
Posted Dec 14, 2022|Recipes
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Elderberry-Chaga Spice Tonic
Elevate your daily routine with a soothing and wholesome Chaga and Ginger Infused Elixir that promises not just a delightful sip.
Posted Sep 13, 2023|Recipes
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