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Treat a Salad Like a Sundae!

Have you ever served a salad to a youngster, and it turns into a scavenger hunt picking out all the ingredients they dislike? Truth is, it’s tough to blame them when a meal item may contain several ingredients they’ve never even tried.

Here’s an idea: Prepare the ingredients ahead of time and pair them up. The only condition is that they include at least a choice from each pairing. Eating healthy is nonnegotiable; however, empowering children to make healthy choices benefits us all.

They may even surprise you with their creativity!

Here are a few suggestions:

  •      Romaine / Iceberg
  •      Carrots / Red, yellow, or orange peppers
  •      Cucumbers / Cherry tomatoes
  •      Strawberries / Grapes
  •      Sunflower seeds / Diced almonds
  •      Vidalia (sweet) onions / Green onions
  •      Berry-based balsamic vinaigrette / Creamy yogurt-based ranch

When it comes to the dressing, feel free to make them naturally sweet and delicious. Don’t stress over the calorie count.

Bon appétit!