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Take a Walk on the Wilder Side

WildOregano C93 has earned its niche with Canadian consumers among premium oregano oils. Our formula is simple and effective; we blend steam-distilled, potency-validated oregano oil from the rare, mountain-grown oregano species Origanum minutiflorum with certified organic extra-virgin olive oil.

The rationale for the percentage of olive oil in our formula has always been to have a smoother-tasting product that’s easy on the palate. If it’s too harsh, we’ve learned it will likely lose its premium shelf space in your medicine cabinet. This being said, just as people develop and nurture a tolerance for more robust flavours, the demand for a stronger WildOregano C93 has emerged.

WildOregano C93 Extra Strong features a 30% concentration of our carvacrol-rich oregano oil blended with certified organic extra-virgin olive oil. It’s a great therapeutic option for those that prefer more potency and full-bodied flavour.