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A Return to Routine

As each new school year begins, we exchange our summer schedule, which is a little more relaxed, for a rigorous fall schedule; back to school for the kids, resumption of extracurricular activities, piano lessons, all kinds of courses, etc. What about our place in all of this and the actual time remaining for us?

What Remains?

Do you take at least one hour a week to rejuvenate, rest, and relax?

This is a question we answer “No” to most of the time. However, there exist some tools to help us find ourselves, whether it be breathing techniques, tai chi, or antigymnastics that we practice once a week to find the necessary perspective to refocus and continue in the right direction.

At New Roots Herbal, we have a product that will help you manage stress so that you keep the “chill” side in you; that’s why we formulated New Roots Herbal ChillPills to support your nervous system, your adrenal glands, your sleep, and even your immnunity.

ChillPills contains a blend of nervine plants; adaptogenic plants; B-complex vitamins; and l-⁠theanine, a black-tea amino acid (fermented green tea). l-⁠Theanine brings an anxiolytic action, and keeps you better concentrated during activities involving work and home life. The vitamin-B family will nourish your nervous system and give you the energy to feel more resistant during your evening. You will be more effective and efficient.

New Roots Herbal ChillPills is an excellent tool to help you during periods of overwork and exhaustion, especially back-to-school and the holiday season.

New Roots Herbal ChillPills helps you lower cortisol levels, which remain high at night when stress is too high, preventing you from sleeping well and regenerating overnight.

If insomnia problems should persist despite taking New Roots Herbal ChillPills, we also have a formulation to combat this issue: our market-acclaimed Sleep8.

Sleep8 contains a mixture of sedative plants (passionflower, catnip, skullcap, chamomile, hops, etc.), magnesium, and melatonin, which allow you to reach a satisfactory level of relaxation to allow you to sleep several hours straight.