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So, You Fell Off the Bandwagon - What Now?

We all know how easy it is to get off track when it comes to our fitness and eating habits. You’ve been training every day, eating right, and feeling great. Then, life gets busy, and you fall off track. Next thing you know, you haven’t worked out in over a month, you’ve been eating like crazy, and you feel horrible. You were training and eating right, and now you’ve fallen so far behind.

The depression sets in. You feel overwhelmed and disappointed in yourself.

Overcoming the Challenge

Your fitness and nutrition aren’t a choice. They’re nonnegotiable… even on the busy days.

Yes, I get it. There’s a lot to do. You’re working overtime. Your mother-in-law called and needs your help. You’re exhausted. There’s a hockey game.

Every day, there is a challenge; there is something that can get in your way. But your health isn’t a choice; it’s not an option.

For the past 15 years, I’ve made a commitment to myself. I’m a single mom with a 3-⁠year-old boy and two businesses to manage. But my health is nonnegotiable. I do some type of training at least five times a week, every week. And I haven’t missed one week in the past 15 years.

No Excuses

Life is busy. I can’t always make it to the gym, and I’m sure you can’t either. That’s no excuse for skipping training, though. You can do it anywhere… even in your living room! Everyone has a set of stairs accessible to them. Turn on your iPod and do stairs for 20 minutes. Try push-ups, planks, burpees, lunges, squats. All you need for these exercises is your own body!

What you eat is an equally important part of your overall health. Sunday night is food-prep night in my house. Every Sunday, no matter our schedule, I go grocery-shopping and food prep to prepare for the week ahead. It’s as simple as creating this easy routine and sticking to it.

You can come up with a lot of excuses for not working out and eating right, but your body is paying for it every single day.

Today is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

If you’ve fallen off track, there’s no sense in crying about it or feeling guilty. Shake it off, get back out there, run in place, do some stairs, and make your health nonnegotiable.