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Our front lawn seems to follow the same lifecycle year upon year; spring features grass that is lush and green, contrasted with a few “crayon yellow” dandelions so pretty you’d swear we planted them. As the summer progresses, the dandelions multiply until our annual July vacation when these opportunistic weeds take over. Upon our return, the weeds tower over the barren and brown, sun-⁠sweltered grass.

Candida albicans is a normal—even beneficial—inhabitant of the intestinal flora of healthy individuals when its numbers are kept in check; however, given the right circumstances, this opportunistic yeast can grow exponentially to dominate your microbiome, at the expense of your health. A diet high in carbohydrates, processed sugar (check those labels!), chronic stress, poorly managed diabetes, frequent antibiotic use, excessive alcohol intake, or even oral contraceptives can all be culprits that contribute to Candida overgrowth.

If you’re experiencing unexplained chronic fatigue, bloating, difficulty concentrating, or recurrent fungal infections, you may be suffering from candidiasis (Candida infection).

New Roots Herbal’s CandidaStop delivers an industry-⁠leading formula featuring 11 natural nutrients that will eradicate yeast overgrowth to restore the dominant role of beneficial probiotics within your gut.

Potency-⁠validated extracts of pau d’arco, grapefruit seed, wild oregano, black walnut, garlic, and echinacea root forge the broad-spectrum botanical backbone for CandidaStop. Our formula restores your health in two ways: it kills off Candida albicans as it weakens and ruptures its cell walls; this in turn fosters a more acidic intestinal pH level that favours healthy bacterial growth.

In the same fashion that a few weeds don’t ruin your lawn and even serve as proof you’re not using harmful herbicides, diversity is natural and beneficial for healthy ecosystems. When it concerns health and wellness, CandidaStop will sway the balance of intestinal order in your favour for a fresh take on life.