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Feel Great with a Clean Slate

I’m blessed with having a wealth of knowledgeable friends to contact when things break down. Whether it’s mechanical, electrical, or even a plumbing problem, the same solution works in the majority of cases: we disassemble the item in question, clean it thoroughly, reassemble it… and it usually works as good as new.

When it concerns your health—whether it’s a lack of energy, poor digestion, compromised immune performance, or even your complexion—these concerns could collectively benefit from a comprehensive cleanse. When it comes to you and me, it starts with the liver and intestines. Gathering information for cleanses can be overwhelming, between strict diets with smoothies featuring exotic ingredients to celebrity-⁠endorsed programs that claim to purge several pounds of hardened, toxin-⁠laden buildup within the intestines.

EnergyCleanse makes the decision simple. It’s an easy-to-follow, 30-⁠day advanced total cleanse. The program is two-fold: EnergyCleanse I focuses on the elimination of toxins within the liver. It employs nine biologically active antioxidants and botanical extracts that rejuvenate the liver. This in turn makes the liver more effective in breaking down harmful cholesterol, producing bile for the metabolism of fatty acids, cleansing the blood supply, and mobilizing glycogen to meet dynamic energy needs.

EnergyCleanse II contains 11 special nutrients and 6 homeopathic salts (also called Schüssler salts) that gradually soothe and cleanse the intestines of toxins embedded within their mucous membranes. This delicate layer regulates selective permeability for superior nutrient assimilation, balanced electrolyte levels, and vitamin synthesis, and serves as home for the resident population of beneficial probiotics that drive immune performance.

Simply take 2 capsules of EnergyCleanse I in the morning, and 2 capsules of EnergyCleanse II in the evening. Our program requires no drastic changes in diet; simply adopt the habit of consuming plenty of water (approximately 3 litres per day), and 8 to 12 servings of fruits and vegetables. We recommend supplementing with New Roots Herbal’s FiberUltra Rich Psyllium + Inulin for ease of toxin elimination, and a broad-spectrum probiotic such as AcidophilusUltra to maintain dominance of beneficial intentional flora during our program.

With an increase in energy and stamina, as well as superior immune system performance, you’ll wonder why you didn’t choose EnergyCleanse earlier.