Wild Omega 3 EPA 660 mg DHA 330 mg Lemon Flavour by New Roots Herbal | Cognitive/Brain Function · Cardiovascular Health (60 softgels) | Natural Health Products
Wild Omega 3 EPA 660 mg DHA 330 mg Lemon Flavour

Wild Omega 3 EPA 660 mg DHA 330 mg Lemon Flavour Code 2007
UPC: 6-28747-12007-4
NPN: 80064643
Format: Softgels

Cognitive/Brain Function · Cardiovascular Health
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Deep-sea–sourced from anchovies and sardines, our great-tasting Wild Omega 3 with natural lemon flavour strengthens cognitive performance and heart health while taming chronic inflammation.

Each great-tasting WildOmega 3 Lemon Flavour softgel delivers 660 mg of eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and 330 mg of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). These essential fatty acids play critical roles in virtually every aspect of our health, yet our bodies can’t produce them.

Their role in heart health includes lowering triglyceride levels while improving the ratio of good cholesterol (HDL) to harmful cholesterol (LDL). They also make blood less sticky and minimize arterial plaque formation for improved arterial elasticity. EPA and DHA are also recognized for the management of systemic chronic inflammation, which can definitely be measured by an increase in pain-free joint mobility.

The most dynamic field of omega-3 fatty acid research is in the field of mental health. DHA is recognized for its role in brain development, with EPA being critical for learning, attention span, mood, and mental health in general.

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