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Lavender as an Anxiolytic
Lavender oil (from Lavandula angustifolia) is an approved substance in Germany for the treatment of anxiety and restlessness.[1] Human and in...
Posted Sep 1, 2016|Health
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Lice Advice Featuring Lavender and Neem
There are few things that terrify parents of school age children more than news of a head lice (Pediculosis capitis) infestation in the classroom....
Posted Nov 9, 2017|Health
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Origins of Essential Oils
Herbs and plants have long been used to help relieve ailments, their causes, and their symptoms. In modern medicine, the story is a little...
Posted Nov 10, 2017|Health
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Winter Recipes for Satiny, Silky Skin
Ah! Winter… What a wonderful time of year! I love this season where nature freezes and lays dormant under a thick white coat of snow....
Posted Jan 9, 2018|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Lavender for Back-to-School Stress
We have barely begun to enjoy a well-deserved summer rest, when we’re already bombarded with insidious reminders from the media and store...
Posted Sep 14, 2018|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Pillow Talk—Nutrients for Sleep Hygiene
It’s a term with many interpretations, the main one being a little light conversation to clear your head prior to becoming the...
Posted Oct 5, 2018|Health
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Aromatherapy—The Power of Nature in Just a Few Drops
While Tupperware parties were once popular gatherings, today aroma sessions, where methods and mixtures of essential oils (EO) are exchanged for...
Posted Dec 17, 2018|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Seasonal Affective Disorder: “Beating the Winter Blues”
Late fall and winter can be a mentally challenging time of year for many Canadians: The weather gets colder, the days get shorter, and people spend...
Posted Jan 5, 2022|Lifestyle & Wellness
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