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Together, We’ll Thrive

There is no shortage of opinions from health-care professionals and laypersons alike regarding COVID-19. Whatever your point of view, we’re in this together. The term “herd (or community) immunity” is a concept gaining in popularity and perceived by many as the eventual solution for COVID-19. Herd immunity is reached when between fifty to ninety percent of a given population are resistant to the cause of a disease—this percentage varies with how contagious an infection is. Vaccination, which is being rolled out across Canada, and surviving infection, are central to herd immunity. However, maintaining a strong immune system by means of a healthy lifestyle and strategic supplementation further inhibit disease transmission. The same goes for following public safety guidelines.

While some of us see the light at the end of the tunnel, let’s remember others may still be struggling. Gestures such as asking a neighbour if they would like you to pick them up something while shopping, slowing down to accommodate pedestrians on roads while social distancing, or a simple check-up call matter. Keep the kindness going and be mindful of the importance of public safety guidelines, especially for those more prone to infection.

As temperatures increase, so do activities we can move outside. To stay safe and remain sane, break down your day to maximize what can be done outdoors. Reading, studying, listening to music, food prepping, grilling, cooking, and exercising can all be shifted to an outdoor setting. Last summer reflected these trends as sports stores exhausted their inventory of bicycles, kayaks, paddleboards, and camping gear. The common denominator for these activities is nurturing body and mind while keeping a safe distance from others.

When it comes to outdoor living, the classic kettle grill has given way to sophisticated outdoor dream kitchens. In fact, even an outdoor pizza oven is a must for the serious foodie. If you’re “old school,” stock up on charcoal, as last year saw the first charcoal crisis of our lifetime. For downtown dwellers, you’ll be impressed with the amenities at your local outdoor store for an impromptu picnic. Better yet: Why not book a campsite for an affordable weekend getaway where you can get back to nature without bursting anyone’s bubble. If you want to get that camping groove minus the travel, pick up a firepit at your local hardware store.

Here’s to building upon the positive elements COVID-19 has exposed in the way our communities have come together in the past year. We have a lot more in common that what divides us. Together, we’ll survive and thrive.