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Tips for Less Stress This Summer

Never have we heard so many references to “getting back to normal.” Many of us find ourselves longing for the simple activities that we used to take for granted, allowing stress to add up. Here are a few twists on traditional ideas to get you through summer with a smile.

  • We can finally gather in groups of ten or so people, but traditional travel is still out of reach. How about a camping trip with some good friends or family? Maybe recreate some childhood memories? There’s nothing like roughing it for a few days to make you appreciate the simple pleasures at home.
  • Remember the iconic TV campaign urging you to “find your beach”? Grab a blanket, some cold drinks, and your favorite tunes, and turn your balcony or backyard into your sunny oasis. Try living in the moment to acknowledge how awesome an ordinary day can become!
  • Next time you head out shopping, why not ask your neighbour if they need anything? Some milk for coffee could make their day. Even if they pass, it feels great to offer!
  • Feeling cooped up and bored of walking? Explore a new frontier by setting sail in your nearest body of water. You don’t need a yacht; a canoe, kayak, paddle board, or inflatable dingy will do. You’ll wonder why you didn’t try it earlier.
  • Maximize your time outdoors. Take 20 minutes to have your lunch outside, while soaking in some extra vitamin D. Or, better yet, pull your cooking out of the kitchen. Most any meal can be at least partly adapted to “hitting the grill.”
  • Keep doing your best to flatten the curve. You may notice social distancing or mask compliance tapering off during the summer months. Don’t let it get the better of you. Stay vigilant, keep the faith, and enjoy your summer!