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Tips for Less Stress This Spring Considering Our Current Climate

  • Now more than ever, it’s important to be active, preferably outdoors. Remember social distancing is a dance; it’s okay to take the lead.
  • Steer clear of habits that steal slumber. These include excessive tech time late in the evening and caffeine-containing beverages within six hours of bedtime.
  • Make a creative meal plan several days in advance. Having everything in place ahead of time will make meal prep something to look forward to. Perhaps the renaissance of the family dinner for some will come as a blessing.
  • Try to reserve judgement of others—we’re all adapting to the new normal together. It’s more difficult for some of us.
  • This may be the perfect occasion to explore mindfulness or meditation. You don’t have to join a club; the information is accessible online and folks are eager to share. Did you ever have someone tell you to take a deep breath when stressed? Deep breathing can be a terrific coping mechanism.
  • The sale of seeds has grown exponentially. For many, it’s a panic purchase; however, the psychological rewards of tending to a garden are plenty. Sharing your harvest is one of them.

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