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Sitting Quietly

Everything is so calm before the storm. I love this moment where everything stops. It calms me down and allows me to deepen my inner focus. Outside, sitting quietly, I close my eyes and I feel my heart beating. I focus on my heartbeat and on my breath, while the thunder rumbles once. It reminds me of the strength that lives within me and in each one of us; this magnificent force that I need—that we need—to tame, express, channel, and put to good use.

Still quietly sitting between the thunder’s continuous rumble, I now hear the rain that also wants to be part of this perfect afternoon. It washes the earth. It washes my energy, helped by the wind that suddenly starts to blow. The elements harmoniously coexist, collaborate, and cocreate my surroundings. Fire, wind, water, earth, and ether are—without rivalries, without competing.

I come back to my breath. My heart beats, ever so softly. I am alive! I am fire, wind, water, earth, and ether. I am all the elements reunited in a body of matter. We all are. Let us be beyond doing, simply being. Let us be united with ourselves and then with others. Let us harmoniously coexist, collaborate, and cocreate a life of peace on this lovely planet Earth.


Isabelle is a certified yoga instructor and early childhood educator.