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Natural Solutions to Overcome Dandruff

Once it appears on your scalp—or even worse: on your clothes—dandruff quickly becomes a rather embarrassing problem. Do not panic! There are several natural tricks to gently get rid of it. However, it is important to understand the cause of its occurrence, and also to determine the type of dandruff in order to choose the best option.

The Causes

Very often, dandruff is directly related to an imbalance in the scalp that causes unsightly scaling (in the case of dry dandruff). You have probably noticed that this appears more often in the winter, which is completely normal, since the heating in our homes tends to dry out the hair and thus the scalp. In short, very often, your scalp is simply extremely dry!

In some cases, however, it may be psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis. If you are not sure and your problem seems more serious than mere dandruff, a dermatologist can easily identify your problem.

There are of course other probable causes such as stress, bad rinsing, inadequate shampoos, internal health problems, etc.

Types of Dandruff

Dry Dandruff: Very easy to notice, these are white particles that often fall on your shoulders because these small flaky cells do not adhere to your scalp.

Greasy Dandruff: They are rather yellow and remain glued to the scalp, forming small crusts that literally choke the scalp. This is why it is absolutely crucial to take the necessary actions to eliminate them, since they are likely to cause hair loss.

Simple Actions to Adopt

Forget shampoos and all styling products containing harmful ingredients that could attack your scalp! The more you use these types of products, the more you risk aggravating the situation. Opt for natural, gentle shampoos that will respect the pH of your scalp.

Brush your hair gently so as not to further irritate sensitive areas.

Even if you have itchy skin, try as much as possible not to scratch the scalp, which is likely to cause more inflammation!

Avoid chemical hair dyes at all costs

Natural Treatments

Dry Dandruff

Give oil baths to your scalp. How? Just before shampooing, take a small amount of vegetable oil (the size of a quarter) and rub your hands together to distribute the oil well. Then, gently massage your scalp. Let it soak in for as long as possible, then shampoo.

Preferred oils: Neem oil, marula oil, argan oil, and macadamia oil.

Infuse nettle leaves or dried calendula flowers (such as when you are preparing an herbal tea). Allow them to cool, then use this infusion as rinse water after shampooing.

Greasy Dandruff

It is imperative not to space-out washings too much when you are struggling with greasy dandruff, as this can actually suffocate your hair at their base and thus cause them to fall out. Wash your hair on a regular basis using a gentle shampoo, ideally containing in the formula tea tree, nettle, burdock, sage, propolis, or rosemary.

You can also simply gently massage your scalp with these essential oils diluted in a little vegetable oil of black cumin: essential oil of rosemary, peppermint, and sage.

It may also be interesting to make masks of clay on the scalp (not too often, since the clay may dry your hair at the length and tips).

In conclusion, start by first revising your hair-care routine and take the time to read the ingredients on your shampoos and conditioners as well as on your styling products. By observing your habits well and making some simple modifications, you have a much better chance at not having this problem reappear again!

Shirley Séguin
Founder and author of the blog, she is an expert in natural cosmetics and a professional makeup artist.