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Fire Up the HQ for Your Barbecue

When it comes to getting our “barbecue on,” Canadians are second to none! Unfortunately, grilling has long been typecast for being a tad indulgent, so we have got some suggestions to elevate your “Health Quotient” for outdoor living.

You do not have to change much to make sauces, dips, marinades, dressings, vinaigrettes, rubs, and beverages trend to the healthy side of the ledger.

Plant sterols are a great place to begin. You may have seen popular margarine and orange-juice brands boasting the cardiovascular benefits of added plant sterols. Great news is they are available in concentrated forms at health-food stores and can be whisked into original recipes or condiments without altering their flavour profile. Heart-smart, plant-sterol–infused culinary oils can also be incorporated into recipes when a healthy drip or drizzle is in order.

Fermented versions of beet, turmeric, and ginger lend their versatility for applications spanning such as dry rubs, marinades, or even exotic beverages. A ruby-red beet veggie dip is seconds away when added to your favourite sour-cream creation. Fermented turmeric and beet can also lend an exotic flavour and meat-like appearance to plant-based burgers. Iced tea with a hint of fermented ginger can further soothe the soul under a sweltering sun. Concerned about advanced glycation end products (AGEs) resulting from dry and intense barbecue heat? Try marinating your meat for a slower, moist cooking style which limits their formation.

I am not sure how things roll “chez vous,” but the era of a steak on every plate is over for us. However, we continue to have fun creating signature sauces, like our roasted-garlic cream sauce with organic Lion’s Mane Powder, which has become a staple.

Mushroom powders can also elevate a home-made poutine from snack bar to Michelin star. Beef bone broth in powdered form can make for a great low-sodium “au jus” dip for steak strips.

Home-made mayonnaise with MCT oil energizes this must-have condiment for calories which are easily metabolized without fat storage. MCT oil can also be used for vinaigrettes and marinades.

Looking to reduce sugar and hidden calories in summer cuisine? Plant-based sweeteners with drastically reduced or no caloric value can help keep your waistline in check.

All that is left is to queue up some tunes to set that summer vibe.

“Bon appétit,” everyone!