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3 Natural Tips for Healthier Hibernation This Winter

When the temperature drops, many of us are tempted to hibernate. This means staying indoors, not getting our daily exercise and eating junk foods in front of the TV. There’s a reason why winter is the season when we typically gain weight — and accumulate all the toxins that come with unhealthy and unbalanced diets.

Don’t wait for spring to get back to a healthier routine! Now is the time to use the momentum of your New Year’s resolutions to kick-start a simple and safe routine to rid your body of all those unwanted contaminants.

These unwanted substances can enter our bodies through the foods we eat and even through the products we put on our skin, like makeup or laundry detergent residue. While our liver can metabolize these substances, it’s always a good idea to support its function by making small changes to your lifestyle so your liver doesn’t go into overdrive.

If you’re hibernating this winter, try these simple tips to keep your body fighting fit.

Help Your Digestion

To promote a healthy digestive tract and liver function,
remember to get enough fibre and stay hydrated. The
most common advice is to drink at least eight cups
of water a day, but this number can actually vary from
person to person. On top of that, consider taking
probiotic supplement (good bacteria) to boost your
digestive health and maintain a happy gut. It’s all about
finding a routine that works for you — one that clears your
body of waste and makes room for the healthy foods and
nutrients you want — and sticking to it.

 Eat Clean

 Many Canadians understand the benefits that come
 with switching to organic food. When you choose
 organic, you’re ensuring that your body isn’t
 exposed to harmful pesticides, insecticides and
 other chemicals, so that you only get the nutrients
 of the foods you love. You can easily find organic
 options for common fruits and vegetables that are
 high in detoxifying properties and are not only clean
 themselves, but help clean your body too.

When grocery shopping, look for the Canada Organic logo before buying to make sure you’re only getting foods that are up to Canada’s high organic standards.

Complement Your Diet

There are many natural supplements that can help you maintain your healthy summer body, even through the winter hibernation. For example, milk thistle contains the unique flavonoid silymarin, which is an antioxidant that can help increase levels of glutathione — an important liver detoxifier — in the liver cells. Other antioxidants, such as vitamin C and vitamin E, play a vital role in the detoxification process at the cellular level. You can also get both of these in many forms, such as through supplements, gummy chews, droplets and powders.

Hopefully these simple reminders will help you get through winter without losing all the healthy progress you made through the summer. Remember to always consult your health care practitioner when making changes to your diet or supplement regime.


 Michelle W. Book

 A graduate in holistic nutrition and spokesperson for the
 Canadian Health Food Association (CHFA), she focuses
 on living life and raising a family focused on holistic
 health and wellness.