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For the Full Benefits of Your Probiotics, Get on the Enteric Express

Boosting your immune system, keeping your intestines clean, fighting infections, and a whole lot more; probiotics work wonders… Well, they can work wonders—if they make it past your stomach acids and reach the intestines, where they actually do their job.

We’d like to think of our enteric coating as an express train: Eager probiotics are loaded on board, where they settle in, talk about the game, or maybe read the paper on their way to work. Before long, they’re at the office (the intestines), relaxed and ready to get down to business. Meanwhile, with so-called “delayed-release” capsules, probiotics are in for a much more chaotic commute. The stomach acids make it seem like their train is constantly stopping and unloading passengers. When they finally arrive, only a fraction of the probiotics are left and, after such a hectic journey, they’re hardly gung-ho to get to work.

So, what makes our all-natural PH5D enteric-coated capsules so efficient? In our finished product, the coating is made from the following natural ingredients: medium-chain triglycerides, glycerin, stearic and oleic acids, and sodium alginate—but you don’t have to call the HAZMAT team: These are just fancy scientific names for the coating, that’s derived from natural sources like red palm fruit oil and algae. Our ISO 17025–accredited laboratories (more fancy talk for state-of-the-art, internationally recognized) have tested these capsules and guarantee 100% delivery of New Roots Herbal’s probiotics to the small intestine. They also guarantee the full potency on our label. Talk about traveling first class!

Now, let’s take a closer look at what drives “delayed-release” capsules offered by other companies. Before you get on board with these, you should know they don’t meet the quality standards set by the US Pharmacopoeia (USP) convention—these are the folks whose standards are used as a reference by more than 140 countries around the world. Our ISO 17025–accredited laboratories (trust us, they’re as impartial as they are professional) found that these capsules lasted 15 minutes in harsh stomach acids.

Our ISO 17025–accredited laboratories have also tested probiotics in regular vegetable capsules, and the probiotic cells had an astounding death rate. Even cryoprotected probiotics in regular vegetable capsules without enteric coating had a surprising death rate! The capsules rupture within 15 minutes, leaving less than a 1% survival rate when exposed directly to the harsh acidic conditions of an empty stomach.

There are also theories that taking probiotics with food or yogurt protects them from stomach acids. The same ISO 17025 lab found that less than 10% survive these conditions. Take for example a $40 bottle of probiotics: in reality, you’re getting forty cents worth of probiotics on an empty stomach, and a $4 value on a full stomach. Ouch!

New Roots Herbal’s all-natural PH5D enteric-coated capsules will last a full hour in stomach acids, and then release slowly within 30 minutes once reaching the intestines. You can then count on 100% of the probiotics surviving stomach acids and delivering their benefits. We invest up to twelve times more than marketing companies disguised as health-product manufacturers for our proven all-natural enteric coating that truly protects our probiotics.

Choosing the most effective probiotic delivery system seems pretty clear, doesn’t it? All aboard!