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Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger Essential Oil Code 3205
UPC: 6-28747-23205-0
Format: Liquid

100% Pure · Clean
Middle Note
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Key Features and Benefits

  • Warm and spicy—promotes alertness and a sense of calm
  • 100% pure and clean, unadulterated, free from synthetic fragrances or additives
  • Guaranteed authenticity: Contains only the essential oil of Zingiber officinale, obtained through steam distillation of its rhizomes

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Spice up your life with Ginger Essential Oil, produced from the plumpest ginger rhizomes in India. Crafted with care through a steam-distillation process, this pure oil contains zero additives.

Customize your own wellness products with ginger essential oil. Inhaled, it offers relieving and energizing sensations while topically (with a carrier oil), it soothes and warms.

Tested in our ISO 17025–accredited laboratory, New Roots Herbal’s pure essential oils are guaranteed to be 100% clean, undiluted, and free of any synthetic fragrances or additives.

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