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Choose to Care

“Without the food bank, I really don’t know what I would do each month for food. I try my best to do what I can with what I have, but some months it’s just so hard.”

—Chantal, food-bank client.

Have you ever had to decide between paying rent and buying groceries to feed your children? Low-income families across Canada are forced to make difficult choices like this every day.

With more than 850 000 Canadians turning to food banks each month—one-third of whom are children—you likely know an adult or even a child who is hungry in your community; maybe a coworker, an elderly neighbour, or your child’s friend?

Until we can create long-term solutions to the problem of hunger in Canada, there is a network of food banks and organizations that are providing essential food and support to those who need it most. This network consists of Food Banks Canada at the national level, working together with 10 provincial food-bank associations, over 550 local food banks, and over 4 000 food-related organizations in communities across the country.

Food Banks Canada’s mission is to relieve hunger today and prevent it tomorrow. By focussing on finding solutions to the root causes of hunger, Food Banks Canada aims to create a tomorrow without the need for food banks at all. Until then, Food Banks Canada, alongside the extensive network of food banks and community organizations in every province and territory, are working to relieve hunger today.

These food banks and front-line organizations provide essential food to Canadians who turn to them for assistance each month. In many communities, food banks have also grown to fill important gaps and services, such as offering cooking classes to food bank clients and their kids, job skills training to help adults regain self-sufficiency, and running community gardens where people can learn to grow their own fresh food.

With work at the national and provincial level, the dedication of volunteers and food banks in our communities, and the support of caring Canadians, together we can create a Canada where no one goes hungry.

Feel inspired to help? Donate to your local food bank, or contact them to see how you can help your neighbours in need. Don’t know where to find your local food bank? Visit and click on “Find a Food Bank.”