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Outdoor Natural Fitness - Before the Winter Season

It’s not uncommon for me to see my clients take a fitness “break” during the summer months. However, when the BBQ and sangria season becomes a thing of the past and fall is marching on, my clients flock back to the studio to get their bikini bodies ready for their winter vacations. So with a returning interest in fitness, but the hindering need to squeeze in some family time as well, why not look at what kind of activities can find us outside in the fresh air with our loved ones?

Hiking is my personal go-to outdoor fitness sport just before the snow hits. Often the leaves have all fallen, but you can still hear that “crunch-crunch” sound underfoot. The autumn leaves’ scent is in the crisp air, and it’s the perfect temperature for a good hike, with the right gear; it won’t be long before those long trails are covered with snow.

Not the hiking type? Grab your rollerblades or bike, and clock in the kilometres with the winding paths that will clear your mind, oxygenate your body, and release the accumulated stress and pressure from work.

If you are out in the country or up at the cottage, there is always a good pile of wood to stack for the winter. The chopping, the swinging, the hauling, the lifting, and the stacking could not be a better afternoon outdoor activity. All of these natural movements make for a very productive and active, heart-pumping, muscle-building workout! Closing up the cottage? Don’t forget to squeeze in one last paddle along the calm, clear lake in the early mornings. Work the entire upper body, arms, torso, abs, and shoulders by taking a relaxing, quiet tour around the lake.

The hard work in the garden is just beginning. Preparing for the heavy snow means making sure all the leaves are picked up and the beds and shrubs are properly covered. Don’t just stop at your own lawn for leaves: offer to help both neighbours on either side of you. Have you ever tracked your FitBiting activity with some good old-fashioned yard work? The ab-crunching while raking leafs, the back-building when lifting the wheelbarrow—and let’s not leave out the bags and bags of leaves that need to be towed to the curb!

Don’t forget to keep the house cool as the temperature drops. Did you know that you could burn an approximate 500 extra calories per day by keeping your body cold? The amount of calories burned in the cold depends on your body type, your diet, the temperature, and sometimes the clothes you’re wearing. Did you know that just 15 minutes spent in shivering cold weather can equate to a full hour of exercise? This was discovered by a study conducted by the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

So there you have it, folks! Plenty of ways to get fit, have fun, and stay outdoors before the hibernation (for some) begins.


Sherry Thacker

Sherry Thacker is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, health and fitness practitioner, servicing clients on and offline. Visit Sherry’s web page for ongoing streaming LIVE videos of workouts, commentary, and interviews! 100purehealth.com