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Come Fly with Me

As motivation to shed some holiday-season weight gain, I set a goal to fit the weight requirements to become a flight attendant. I understand society has progressed and many other, more important criteria are now considered for flying the friendly skies. Just for the sake of it, I crunched some numbers using body mass index (BMI), a formula once employed by many airlines. At 5′ 11″ (180 cm), I’d have to tip the scales at 180 lb (82 kg) or less to take flight. Needless to say, I proceeded to set a goal within reach… A modest 15-pound (7 kg) weight loss would suffice for a smooth landing within the moderately overweight category populated by 40% of adult Canadian males according to Statistics Canada.

I have willpower, but still needed help; with this in mind, I enlisted SlimmerSystem as an ally to reach my personal goal.

SlimmerSystem delivers no less than 23 potency-validated botanicals, vitamins, and minerals which serve to make energy storage and use more efficient. These nutrients also limit the urge to consume empty calories that inevitably get stored as fat!

Standardized extracts of Garcinia cambogia and Coleus forskolii forge the botanical backbone of the formula in the dual role of inhibiting fat storage while activating stored fats. Garcinia cambogia also signals the sensation of feeling full to the brain.

A potent extract of Gymnema sylvestre and the bioactive form of the mineral chromium (chromium picolinate) address insulin production and use by cells. Gymnema sylvestre supports insulin production, while chromium picolinate improves the ability of cells to employ insulin for glucose delivery critical for cellular energy production. This normalizes blood glucose levels that can reduce calorie cravings and mood swings.

Choline (bitartrate), inositol, and betaine hydrochloride help rid the body of excess fat by helping the liver break down fats for excretion.

The thermogenic trio of green tea (75% EGCG), ginger, and Capsicum collectively suppress appetite and accelerate calorie consumption. Kola nut extract, with naturally occurring caffeine, lends an energy lift to our formula.

The recommended daily allowance of specific vitamins and minerals critical for metabolic performance, along with nutrient-rich spirulina, make SlimmerSystem complete.

“Don’t change much” is trending as a health mantra for Canadians. I’ve identified a few beneficial changes I could make; among them is a little help from SlimmerSystem!