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Energy Cleanse

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Easy and Effective Cleansing Program · Detoxify and Revitalize · 30-Day Program
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BE ADVISED: The curcumin contained in this product has been Carbon-14 tested to be 100% natural and contains no adulterants.



Energy Cleanse is a simple and effective 30-day comprehensive cleanse and repair program that eliminates built-up toxins within the colon and strengthens liver function for superior health.

Energy Cleanse is a two-step program that targets accumulated toxins within the colon and supports superior liver function essential for great health and wellbeing. Twenty-four specialized herbs, standardized extracts, and homeopathic salts deliver therapeutic effects that restore immune strength and energy, that can be compromised by the accumulation of pathogenic microorganisms and accumulated toxins.

Repair and rejuvenation of the liver results from the therapeutic effects of ingredients in Energy Cleanse 1 that include milk thistle, black radish, beet root, N-acetylcysteine, alpha-lipoic acid, calcium ᴅ-glucarate, curcumin, artichoke, and dandelion. The liver is the chemical treatment plant for the entire body; however, it does not come equipped with disposable filters. The collective effect of these specific nutrients cleanses, detoxifies, and restores optimal hepatic performance.

It’s estimated that up to 80% of immune function originates within the intestines. The 15 natural ingredients in Energy Cleanse 2 promote the removal and excretion of toxins and accumulated putrefactive matter from the walls of the intestines. The additional laxative effects of ingredients that include cascara sagrada and Cape aloe promote smooth muscle contractions that accelerate excretion of toxins. Slippery elm and Irish moss are among the ingredients that soothe and protect the mucous membranes within the colon.

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