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Chilled Turmeric Coconut Nog
There's so much hustle and bustle around the holiday period. I hope you get to spend some time slowing down and enjoying gatherings with...
Posted Dec 7, 2017|Recipes
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The Fermented Gang: Avengers in Your Plate
As a budding alchemist, for almost two years I kept a small, airtight jar of umeboshi in my fridge. No, it’s not some kind of miniature...
Posted Sep 14, 2018|Health
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Turmeric Golden Milk
Ingredients  1 can (400 ml) of coconut milk 400 ml of water (use the coconut milk can) 2 tsp. fermented turmeric...
Posted Sep 25, 2018|Recipes
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Healthy Detox Soup
An original recipe developed according to the properties of selected vegetables, "like a formulation for pharmacological activity." This...
Posted Oct 3, 2018|Recipes
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Stress and Digestion: What is the Connection?
What is Stress?  Stress is a threat to the internal balance (homeostasis) of the body. Stress related conditions including anxiety,...
Posted Nov 8, 2018|Health
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Travel to the Realm of Liver Detoxification
Imagine… …a wastewater treatment plant without enzymes or bacteria, and without regular cleaning of its filters; this would be a...
Posted Dec 18, 2018|Health
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Grilled Portobello with Fermented Turmeric Wild Rice
This vegetarian dish is deep in flavour, rich in plant-based protein and fibre, then blessed with the anti-inflammatory action of fermented...
Posted Jun 20, 2019|Recipes
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Turmeric Orange Chaga Chia Pudding
What a superstar lineup: Incredible chaga mushroom; coconut milk’s medium-chain and chia’s omega-3 fatty acids; anti-inflammatory...
Posted Jan 13, 2020|Recipes
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Turmeric Latte Scones
If you know me, you know I am always up for warm and delicious scones. This time, I made them with an anti-inflammatory boost by using turmeric...
Posted Oct 5, 2020|Recipes
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Creamy Cashew Coconut Basmati Bowl
This savoury vegetarian dish is full of protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Ingredients 3 cups spinach, chopped 400 ml organic coconut...
Posted Jan 19, 2021|Recipes
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“Passage to India” Dry Rub
Enjoy this contemporary, robust take on an Indian flavour profile. Tablespoon measures yield a little more than a cup. This rub goes great with...
Posted May 13, 2021|Recipes
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Curried Butternut Squash Soup
Presenting a soup with a bit of a curried twist. Coconut milk and Eastern spices transform this soup into a creamy and flavourful bowl packed with...
Posted Oct 6, 2023|Recipes
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