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Probiotics: Origins and Actions
The increasing popularity of probiotics in both food and supplement sectors is rivalled only by the increasing demand for where these...
Posted Jul 12, 2016|Health
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The Gut-Brain Axis - Probiotics And Mental Health
The role of probiotics in gastrointestinal health has been clearly demonstrated in recent research and is an emerging area of interest. Several...
Posted Sep 8, 2016|Health
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For the Full Benefits of Your Probiotics, Get on the Enteric Express
Boosting your immune system, keeping your intestines clean, fighting infections, and a whole lot more; probiotics work wonders… Well, they...
Posted Apr 18, 2017|Health
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The Fridge Door A Great Place for Your Probiotics!
The contemporary food chain has become sophisticated and diverse, thanks to modern refrigeration. With the exception of that iconic bottle of...
Posted Sep 12, 2017|Health
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Probiotics: New Frontiers in Immune Modulation
Probiotics are nonpathogenic strains of bacteria that live in the human body and perform functions associated with health benefits.[1] An...
Posted Sep 12, 2017|Health
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In Vitro Comparative Study of the Survival of Probiotic Capsules in a Simulated Gastric Environment
Abstract Three commercial probiotic products containing primarily Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species were investigated. They were...
Posted Jan 5, 2018|Health
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3 Natural Tips for Healthier Hibernation This Winter
When the temperature drops, many of us are tempted to hibernate. This means staying indoors, not getting our daily exercise and eating junk foods...
Posted Jan 5, 2018|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Autoimmunity and Natural Health Products
“Autoimmunity” refers to a category of health conditions characterized by the immune system inappropriately attacking the...
Posted Jan 9, 2018|Health
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Gastrointestinal Viability of Probiotics—A Capsule Story…
Today, treatment with probiotics (from “pro-⁠,” meaning “for,” and “bio,” meaning “life,”...
Posted May 11, 2018|Health
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Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the Role of Probiotics
Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a functional disorder of the digestive system, specifically the intestines, that results in symptoms of chronic...
Posted May 11, 2018|Health
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Human Probiotics: Sowing the Seeds of Health
​Have you ever tried introducing a nonnative grass seed or an exotic variety of flower to your lawn or garden, only to have the same old...
Posted Jul 20, 2018|Health
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Under the Microscope: The Story of Lactobacillus rhamnosus
   The focus of the scientific community on the many roles of the microbiome continues to expand. Every week, it seems another discovery...
Posted Oct 9, 2018|Health
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Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Beyond! Treatment and Prevention of Antibiotic-Associated Illnesses
Antibiotics have been life-saving miracle drugs of the 20th century. However, the problem of antibiotic-resistant superbugs and microbiome...
Posted Mar 21, 2019|Naturopathic Currents
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Allergic Rhinitis: Curcumin and Probiotics Can Help
Introduction Allergic rhinitis (AR)—known for causing watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, and nasal congestion—is becoming...
Posted Mar 21, 2019|Naturopathic Currents
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Probiotics Effectiveness: It’s All About the Delivery!
Let’s begin with the definition of probiotics; according to the International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP),...
Posted Mar 31, 2020|Health
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Adult Eczema: Naturopathic Approaches
Itchy skin, dryness, redness, and cracking—uncomfortable signs of an eczema flare-up that can range from mild to having a significant impact...
Posted Jul 28, 2020|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Straight Talk on Probiotics: Health Benefits and the Science Behind Them
On the September 12 episode of The Tonic talk show, Jamie Bussin interviewed Dr. Philip Rouchotas, MSc, ND, discussing the health benefits and...
Posted Oct 2, 2020|Health
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Probiotics and Brain Health: So Happy Together
There seems to be no end to the exciting things we are learning about the microbiota, that collection of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa...
Posted Apr 6, 2021|Lifestyle & Wellness
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What Do You Mean, “Probiotics Don’t Work?”
With over 30,000 published studies about them,[1] probiotics have been scientifically proven to help a multitude of conditions including...
Posted Aug 9, 2021|Health
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Probiotics: More than Skin-Deep
The New Science in Cosmeceuticals We know probiotics can ease the symptoms of gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort. We are also familiar with...
Posted Oct 6, 2021|Naturopathic Currents
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Measure What Matters
The most important factor when choosing any treatment is that it helps a patient in the end. In certain cases, aspects of it may be unpleasant or...
Posted Apr 7, 2022|Naturopathic Currents
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Probiotics: The Microbiome, Our Internal Garden
Have you ever thought about your poop and what all of the bacteria inside your intestines do? Our bodies are loaded with bacteria, notably good...
Posted Apr 8, 2022|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Probiotics: Strong Foundations Stemming from Birth
There is a lot of talk about probiotics these days, and for good reason. These incredible bacteria have been shown to fight off infections,...
Posted Aug 11, 2022|Lifestyle & Wellness
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New Study on Probiotics: Does Yours Survive to Meet Its Label Claim?
N.H.P. Laboratories performed a study: Short-Term Viability of Probiotics in Some Commercial Products, to investigate the impact of refrigeration...
Posted Nov 16, 2022|Health
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Suffering with Allergies? Consider How Probiotics Can Help
Allergies affect millions of people in Canada, and finding cost-effective ways to manage their symptoms without side effects can be a challenge....
Posted Apr 10, 2023|Health
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Oh Poop—Stuck Again?
Are you feeling stuck again? Constipation can be difficult to live with and manage. In this article, I will be discussing some lifestyle factors...
Posted Jan 9, 2024|Lifestyle & Wellness
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Springtime Gut Reset: Should I Be Taking Probiotics?
Springtime signals a fresh start. Longer days and renewed motivation mean revisiting New Year’s resolutions and focusing more on health. Let...
Posted Apr 9, 2024|Health
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