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Three Simple Tricks for Beautiful Legs This Summer!

Summer’s swelter season brings back dresses, skirts, shorts—all those clothes that we love to wear, but that automatically unveil our legs! For some, the idea of stripping this part of the body is out of the question, because they are not “beach-ready.” I admit, I also prefer my legs to be smooth and slightly tanned (veins don’t count as tanning). That’s why, in this article, I give you my favourite tricks for perfect legs, all summer long!


During the winter, our legs become more easily dull and subject to intense desquamation because of temperature variations. However, we still have time to get rid of dead skin by making room for leg exfoliation in our beauty routine.

Ideally, you’ll want to exfoliate directly on dry skin before showering—but how?

Take your exfoliant (sea-salt– or brown-sugar–based), and massage gently in circular motions on your whole body, insisting on the dryer areas like knees and elbows.

Rinse everything under the shower.

Apply your moisturizer.


You must absolutely take the time to properly hydrate your body at least once a day. Personally, for an optimal result on my legs, I prefer to use a vegetable oil as a moisturizer when getting out of the shower. I make small mixtures per my specific needs.

Here is my favourite toning oil recipe:


  • Argan oil (4–5 pump strokes)
  • 1 drop of grapefruit essential oil (helps with cellulite and water retention)
  • 1 drop of sandalwood essential oil (antiage, helps irritated skin)
  • 1 drop of juniper berry essential oil (anti-inflammatory, painkiller)


Mix the ingredients together in the palm of your hand, and that’s it!

Self-Tanning Lotions

Obviously, many of you will choose to use a self-tanning lotion. However, you should be aware that most products are made from ingredients that are harmful to your health and the environment. In the field of natural cosmetics, it’s difficult to find that kind of product, and those I have tried so far have fallen short of expectations.

On the other hand, to give an instant “good-looking” effect, you can apply this little home mix just before going out!


  • ½ cup of coconut oil
  • ½ cup of cocoa or shea butter
  • ¼ cup of cocoa powder


Melt the cocoa butter and coconut oil. Then add the cocoa powder to your mixture. If you can find some, add a small pinch of mica to make your legs shine in the sun! Apply in small doses using your hands or a glove specially designed for the application of a regular self-tanning lotion.

Founder and author of the blog, she is an expert in natural cosmetics and a professional makeup artist.