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Is Your Liver Ready for Allergy Season?

The coming of spring has an official celestial date; however, we all have our unofficial events that mark its arrival. Signs of spring span from the return of migratory birds to the start of hockey playoffs for some; for those of us cursed with allergies, it’s that first sneeze!

The vanishing of winter’s white coat can reveal road salt–damaged vegetation, litter, and some organic matter that dog owners may have overlooked. Just as the spring thaw may expose a few environmental blemishes, the arrival of spring can also reveal a fatigued liver following a long winter of toxin overload due to prolonged exposure to household toxins and allergens. A reduced frequency of vigorous outdoor activity that sweats out toxins can also contribute to sluggish liver performance. The limited availability of local, organic foods can pile on liver exposure to unwanted pesticide and herbicide residue from imported produce.

New Roots Herbal’s Liver delivers eight potency-⁠validated extracts and scientifically proven botanicals that will help clear the detoxification pathways within the liver. It’s a simple “spring cleaning” that will prepare your liver for the challenge of breaking down and excreting the additional toxins and allergens synonymous with the coming seasons.

Gordon Raza, BSc

As the technical writer for Flourish, Gord shares his
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